Artists Village- Santa Ana

4 May

My partner in crime, Ramon and I were once again in Orange County hanging out at the Santa Ana Zoo with my kiddo one Sunday. When our visit with the animals had reached it’s end, we decided to head over to the Artists Village in Down Town Santa Ana. I was immediately awestruck by the architecture of the buildings here. Ramon thought a short walking tour to allow me to take a few photographs was in order.

I was surprised that a majority of the businesses and restaurants were closed. I made a mental note that we should come back on a Saturday night and hang out at one of the many cool looking eateries here.

One such place was Memphis. Sadly, it was closed when we came by. We perused the menu and decided then and there we would be coming back. Friends that live in the area tell me that the food is spot on and their Sunday brunch is absolutely amazing.

The art in Memphis was noteworthy, as well.

We continued our tour by visiting The ARTbar. The ARTbar is a mixed media art studio that offers classes, studio space for rent by the hour and a retail space that sells everything from exquisite papers, to rubber stamps and crafting kits. I was not immune to the wiles of this store, and managed to buy some lovely tissue paper and tags I needed for an art project I was trying to complete.
The store is decorated with the art of it’s students and customers, and I could not help but take a few pics of their work.

When leaving ARTbar, we happened upon a small art gallery and stopped in to take a look. The painting on display were interesting, but not my cup of tea. We wandered into a back room of the gallery and found this:

Now, this is my kind of art. 😉

The rest of our tour was spent admiring the buildings and the lovely fountain in the middle of the Village.

I look forward to going back soon, hopefully for the monthly Arts Walk, which is held on the first Saturday of the month. For more details on galleries and museums, shopping, restaurants, and education programs for the Artists Village, please check out A Place For Art.

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